Paul's E-pistle

Truth = Freedom   Sunday, October 13, 2002

Several years back, I was with a group of our Jr. Staff at the NASA space center. Outside, there was a ride which involved going up. As we moved into the line to ride, the group's excitement increased as my anxiety did the same. In other words, I was scared to death! I thought that if I got on that thing, I would die! 

We strapped in and began to push, since it was a self propelled ride! Up and over we went, round and round...up and down. I got off and guess what? I didn't die! I had so much fun I'll probably NEVER ride it again! :) 

Thing was, I believed a lie. I believed that it would harm me if I rode it and that belief affected my actions. Same thing with our daily beliefs. If you believe the truth, John 8:32 says it will set you free! If you believe Satan's lies, you're enslaved in his traps. You see, truth isn't true because we believe it. If that were the case, we could make anything true. Truth is true because God says so. This week, discover the truth God has for us and let