Paul's E-pistle

Oh, So That's What It Is!   Sunday, October 27, 2002

Woke up two days ago with a little bump on my head. It kind of itched, so I figured it was a skeeter bite. After a day of rubbing and scratching now and again, I woke up the next day with a few more bumps. Still, not putting two and two together, I kept right on scratching and wondering if there was a spider in my bed or something. 

Someone at camp looked at me and asked if I had poison ivy? Oh, so that's it. It never dawned on me that I could have a good ole fashioned case of "P.I." And now that I know, I'm not scratching any more. (But boy does it itch)! 

Satan's lies are like that. He sneaks them in on you and you don't even realize it's a lie. Just little thoughts he places in your head but the consequences of listening are detrimental. For instance, after sinning, Satan places the thought, (which almost sounds honorable), that God must be so disappointed in you. 

How could God be disappointed with you at all? Think about it. Disappointment comes from unmet expectations right? Hey, God knows the future. He knew you were going to mess up. Therefore, He's not disappointed. 

True, we break His heart when we sin and go against Him. But the difference is crucial. It's hard to love someone whom you've disappointed because you feel they couldn't love you as much as they used to. (Another one of Satan's big lies about God). But when you realize that God loves you totally and completely anyway, you hurt because you've hurt Him and you're love just grows stronger which makes you stronger. 

Don't let Satan's lies get you this week. Know the truth and let the truth set you to love Jesus even more than ever!