Paul's E-pistle

Fuzzy Returns (or) The Lion Sleeps Tonight   Sunday, October 06, 2002

Many of you, I'm sure, remember the cat I used to own. Good ole "Fuzzy, 

The Wonder Cat". This was a strange cat at best. He would lie on my 

chest as I petted him, and for no good reason, all of a sudden bite me. 

He would be on the porch window seal of the missionary house at camp, and 

hiss at all the passer's by. And he had the strangest MEOW that would 

make even the most experienced halloween'er cringe. Again, this was a 

strange cat. And speaking of halloween, a few weeks prior, several years 

back, Fuzzy ran away...or did he??? 

Last week in the Elizabethton Star newspaper, I could hardly believe my 

eyes. An article which stated that several people have spotted a lion in 

Carter County. How weird is that! A real lion! And it wasn't just one 

person. It was several who have made this claim. One of my first 

thoughts when I heard this story was...FUZZY GREW UP and has returned! 


One of Satan's tricks is to have people simply believe he doesn't exist. 

If Satan can get you to just relax spiritually, he's got ya. The Bible 

calls Satan a lion, roaming around, seeking whom he may devour. Satan 

wants to wreak your life. He lays traps of sin for you to fall into. He 

is cool with letting you believe he isn't there. And then...WHACK, he 

springs a trap on you. 

This week, don't let Satan, spring up on you like a lion attacking his 

prey. How do you avoid him? Simply love Jesus! Stay close to Christ 

and keep your focus on Him. Take up the shield of faith to deflect the 

fiery darts, (and them puppies hurt) of the wicked one! Even tonight, 

snuggle up close to the Creator and send that lion running with his tail 

t'ween his legs! 

My Mouth Is Watering 

This coming Saturday, the first of several crews will be at camp to begin 

work on the climbing / repelling tower! It is so exciting to see what 

God is doing at camp. Almost too good to be true. Probably won't be 

done for the 2003 camp season, but hey, it's a start!