Paul's E-pistle

Black Gold...Texas Tea!   Sunday, November 10, 2002

Just a few names for that black, slimey stuff called oil. And speaking of calling for oil, my car was a bit overdue for a change, so Saturday, I changed oil. 

I drained the old oil out, placed it in the dishwasher, added some soap, cleaned it all up and put it back in the car. (And if you believe that, I have a lovely bridge and swamp land I'd like to sell you)! Obviously I didn't do that. It was, "out with the old and in with the new". I replaced it. 

That's exactly what Christ does when we accept Him as Savior. That old, sinful nature is taken away and replaced with a new nature. He doesn't clean us up...He changes us! 

The Bible says that if anyone is "in Christ" that they are NEW CREATURES. He makes us over again. You know..."born again". 

Enjoy the fact that when you accepted Jesus, He changed you. Yeah, we still struggle with sin, but it helps in that struggle to know that the tempatation is coming from somewhere else besides yourself.