Paul's E-pistle

Let's Chat   Sunday, November 17, 2002

I was just chatting with a friend from the Sunshine State on Instant Messenger. Told her we had snow flurries up here today. I also added another friend to my "buddy list" today. They are online now but away from their computer. I can't wait till they come back on so I can say "howdy" to them. It's great to talk with friends! 

Been chatting with God lately? He loves to hear from you. He is waiting for you to talk with Him, just as I am waiting for my friend to log back in so I can talk. Don't worry about those big long, fancy prayers with special words, phrases, and all that. Just talk to Him. And what's so awesome is, He is never idle, away, sleeping, or any other "away" message you get on IM. He's always there, ready to listen ANYTIME you're ready. 

So chat with God often. In fact, pray without stopping! Invite God to join you for the day. HE LOVES YOU!

ps While "Instant Messaging" our creator, check out His "profile". You'll find it in His love letter to us...The Bible!