Paul's E-pistle

The Invisible Man   Sunday, November 03, 2002

Back when I was a kid, my sister and I were sledding down a 7 foot mound of snow made by a snow plow in front of a neighbor's house. The neighbor must have considered the activity to be on his property since he came out of his house and yelled for us to play in our own yard. OOPS...I mean he yelled at me. 

There we were, I had just completed my run and was half buried in the snow. My sister was standing straight up on top of the mound. And who does the guy yell at? ME! He said, "hey BOY, go play in your own yard!" He saw me in my camouflage state and my sister was invisible to him. 

Moses did the same thing but for a better reason. He had a choice to chill in the palace with all the riches and cool stuff, or suffer with his nation as a slave. He chose the slave occupation, since that is what God wanted. He saw God's plan, and he saw, as the Bible states, Him who was invisible! 

What are you focused on? What do you see. Are your eyes set on the temporary sin that you can see, which only lasts for a season, or do you see God's way, both now and future, which is sometimes invisible? Think about it!