Paul's E-pistle

Not To Ruin the Christmas Play But.........   Sunday, December 15, 2002

As I was studying for my Christmas lesson this month, I was thinking 

about the night of Jesus' birth. We always think of it as such a 

beautiful scene, which was so peaceful and wonderful. Although this 

makes for a good Christmas play at church, it probably wasn't that way at 

all. Think about it. 

Jesus was laid in a manger, which is a cow trough. Hardly a sweet, cute 

place for a newborn. Although we think it was in a stable, and very well 

could have been, the Bible doesn't say. It could have been in a field. 

It might have happened in a cave. As I was thinking all this over again 

this year I thought of even the possibility of a junkyard. Really, think 

about it. Here is a cow trough that might have been thrown away and no 

one was cows that is. Maybe they scrounged around and found 

one laying on a pile of trash. 

Not the kind of Christmas play scenery you really look for but hey, could 

have been. Why bring all this up? Because Jesus could have chosen the 

best palace for His birth. Instead, He choose the humble surroundings of 

... wherever. All this to say that this was just another way He choose 

to show His love for us. He was willing to stoop that low for us. 


Next manger scene you see, let it remind you of His love for you!