Paul's E-pistle

Bad Stuff Working Out For Good   Sunday, December 22, 2002

Ever have bad stuff happen to you? (Dumb question huh!) God tells us 

that if you love Him and are doing His will, all things work out for 

good. Check out this couple's trouble and see how it worked out for 


This lady and guy was scared to death by an angel on two separate 


She was going to have a baby and they needed to make a trip at that time 

During the trip, the baby was born and there was no place to stay. She 

had her baby and had to make a baby crib out of a feed trough 

Later, a king tried to have her baby killed 

They lost their kid, thinking he was among their relatives, but he was in 

a temple listening and teaching...he was only 12 

Then, when the baby in question was around 33, they took him, made fun of 

him, beat him to a pulp, pulled out his beard, slammed a bunch of thorns 

on his head, and nailed him to a tree. There he bled and died. 

And the good part is...that was the plan all the time. For Jesus to 

leave Heaven, become one of his creation, and pay the punishment for our 

sin. Yeah, it was tough to go through, but because he did it, I have 

eternal life right now and I'm headed to Heaven to be with him some day.