Paul's E-pistle

MISSION 3:16   Sunday, December 08, 2002

Chief Attention special agent U.P. (aka...Uncle Paul) 

U.P. Yes sir! 

Chief You're on this plane and sitting beside you is a lady who needs to know about me! 

U.P. Right give me the opportunity and I'll show her the way 

Chief You're opportunity is coming right up. Tell her about the clouds you're seeing out the window and that I made them. Tell her that you hope you're "luggage" made the know, the Christmas story box you checked at the ticket counter...the one you're using tomorrow in Released Time...and go from there. 

U.P. Right sir. 

Chief I'll give you the strength, courage, and all you need...just be faithful to the MISSION. 

...and God gave me the opportunity, (the MISSION) to share the Christmas story with a lady from Nicaragua who probably didn't know the plan of salvation. She had trouble with English as I soon found out, (as Arnold the pig said to Drabney the duck on Green Acres...the ole language barrier ). But I shared how God is everywhere and knows all. I shared how He came to this earth in the form of a man, how He wants to be our best friend and how He desires us to be His. And then I shared how He died on the cross.

What "mission 3:16 will God send you on this week? Be listening for His call and be faithful to your MISSION!!!