Paul's E-pistle

 Tic Tac ToeSunday, October 19, 2003

I was invited to play an invigorating round of tic tac toe with a five 

year old last night. As we approached the game grid with crayons in 

hand, he stated the following. "I'll put mine in this middle row and you 

put your's on that end row...and I'll go first!" Guess who won!!! I 

didn't stand a chance! It was really funny. 

As you approach the game grid of life this week, don't do it with your 

own rules. Many times we want to live our lives independently of God. 

It won't work. Just remember that He doesn't give us the "rules" to make 

us miserable and rob our joy. It's quite the opposite. He's the creator 

of life and knows how it works best. And when we live "dependently" on 

Him, He gives us true joy. It's a joy we can have even when our emotions 

are on the sad side. 

Just like I love the 5 year old so I went by his rules, lets love Christ 

this week and we'll end up living by His rules.