Paul's E-pistle

A Little Child Shall Lead Them   Sunday, November 02, 2003

Ever try and open one of those "childproof" bottles? You usually need to 

find a kid nearby and have them open it for you! And when I have 

computer problems, many times I search out someone younger than me to fix 

it. How about worship? Just ask a certain little girl! 

I was at the J.C. Mall for the Nicole C. Mullin concert today. Great 

concert! The best part about it wasn't the songs or even Nicole. The 

best part for me was seeing a young lady, 5 years old on her daddy's 

shoulders worshiping her Jesus. 

Nicole was singing, "When you call on Jesus". This young lady, ONLY 5, 

had her hands raised toward Heaven and was praising the Lord. As I stood 

and watched her, I was about brought to tears. (I know Jesus had his box 

of Kleenex out for sure). 

She didn't care what shoppers in the mall thought. She wasn't distracted 

by her surroundings. She just heard the message that Jesus makes all 

things possible, and she decided to love on Jesus at that moment. 

Simply put, if you know Jesus as savior, you are his "kid". Have you 

praised Jesus today? 

Lets praise our Jesus this week. Lets love on Him. Why??? 'Cause "we 

know our Redeemer lives"!