Paul's E-pistle

What's Important   Monday, December 01, 2003

I was at a Christmas concert last night which featured Michael W. Smith, The Katinas, and Point of Grace. Best wishes Heather. (Sorry, inside joke for about 20 people on this list) The concert was great. I had a great time "hearing" the sounds of Christmas...BUT... 

I noticed a section in the audience of about 5 people. That section had a small light and there was someone standing in front of this group. As I looked, I saw that the person in front was using sign language to interpret the concert for the deaf. 

At first, I was a bit shocked that deaf folk would come to a concert. I came to "hear" the sound. Sure the lights were cool, seeing the people was neat, but the music was what I went for. Why would a deaf person come and sit in total silence at a concert? 

Then I realized something. They had it right. They came for the message of the music. After all, that was what was important anyway. 

The same thing happens at Christmas time. We trim the tree, go to the parades, eat the food, eat the food, eat the..... (hehe), and we forget the message of Christmas. That message is that Jesus came to this earth to be punished for our sin. 

Let's not turn a deaf ear to the meaning of Christmas. Instead of placing Jesus in the back of our minds, let's think of His love and His sacrifice as we celebrate.