Paul's E-pistle

There Goes That Word Again   Sunday, December 21, 2003

When the Beverly Hillbillies moved into their Beverly Hills mansion, they were in a brand new world. When the doorbell would ring, someone would often say, "there goes that music again". When asked if he could find where it came from, Jethro would say, "no, because every time I commence to lookin' for it, someone always knocks at the door. 

This time of the year I can say, "there goes that word again". It's a word often heard at Christmas and it's one of my favorite Christmas words. It's "EMMANUEL". It's one of Jesus' names. Why do I like it so well? 

I love it because of what it means. Emmanuel means, "God with us". And check this out. This name of Jesus describes the very desire of His heart. Just to be with us. The creator wants to be with me! Awesome stuff! 

Jesus came to this earth, became one of His creation, lived a perfect life, gave His life on a cross, took our punishment for our sin, and rose from the dead. All this to be "Emmanuel" be God with US. 

Have you trusted Him as your forgiver? Have you received Him as the giver of eternal life? Have you accepted His invitation to BE WITH YOU! 

Have a wonderful Christmas. Spend the rest of your life, and the rest of eternity with the one who just wants to be with us! 

Merry Christmas