Paul's E-pistle

And God Used Them   Sunday, December 07, 2003

I was in Knoxville and heard a group of teens singing Christmas Carols, and songs of praise to Jesus, at the mall. One of them later said she was really scared. They shared Jesus with the shoppers. And God used them. 

Two young ladies were sitting on a float at a Christmas parade. Although the nerves might have been a bit shaky, they were smiling, waving, and wishing all a Merry Christmas. The float was decorated as a birthday party for Jesus. Many in the crowd noticed the birthday cake and were reminded that Christmas is Jesus' birthday celebration. The two elementary age girls helped make it possible with a smile, wave, and a friendly greeting. And God used them. 

Two teens were scared to death. It was tax time and they had to go off to pay taxes away from home sweet home. Even though they were petrified, they were still willing to do as an angel told them and these two teens soon became parents of a baby. This baby would grow up, go to a cross, and pay for our sins. All because two teenagers were willing to step out of their comfort zone, (in a big way) and say "ok" to God. And God used them. 

And now there is someone reading this. (That would be you)! :) God wants to use you. You may be just a bit nervous or scared beyond belief. But God will take your willingness and use you if you let Him. He just desires a willing person to love Him and obey. Will it be said of you next week..."AND GOD USED THEM".