Paul's E-pistle

A Golden Toilet   Sunday, April 13, 2003

Got your attention for this one huh! :) Anyway, if you've seen the news lately, you've seen Iraqies going nuts by looting all kinds of government buildings. Someone was even seen walking down the street with a golden toilet. I'm sure not condoning stealing, but then again let's think about this. Here's a people, some of which have never known anything but Sadaam's terrible slavery and torture. Then all of a sudden they are free. Seems like they are just expressing their freedom and they're thrilled about it. They are celebrating their freedom. The troops have set them free from a life of slavery. 

Then there are some teens who are enslaved in sin. That is all they have ever known. They have never experienced the freedom Christ offers. You know, freedom from sin, guilt, and Satan. How are they going to be set free? By us who know Jesus. 

Talk with our "Commander in Chief" tonight and ask Him to use you this week at school to liberate the captives. After all, if you know Christ, someone liberated you!