Paul's E-pistle

A Campfire and The Rest Of The Story!   Saturday, April 26, 2003

Tonight I visited a church in the area where I grew up. I went to visit 

and share what God is doing in CBM and camp with some friends that I 

would see there, and just to renew old acquaintances. What a surprise I 

had when I found out that the Bible camp that I attended as a camper and 

worked as a counselor a few summers was presenting their work. Good ole 

New Life Bible Camp! 

Just as many of you can say that Ta-Pa-Win-Go has a special place in your 

heart, "NLBC" holds that special place in mine. It was there, at a 

campfire, that God lead me to pursue Christian camping full time. It was 

there that I learned many of the things that I do with CBM campers. And 

it was there that God really worked in my heart to bring me closer to 


I pray that CBM is the same for you. I don't want to recreate a 

Tennessee New Life, but I do want Ta-Pa-Win-Go to have the same Godly 

influence that NLBC and it's staff has had in mine. And that's what I 

want to be for you. I desire to be a reflection of Jesus to you, so that 

you would reflect Him to others. And that's what these "E-pistles" 


all about. Encouraging you to love the Lord!