Paul's E-pistle

A Broken Heart   Sunday, April 06, 2003

So Jesus is on the cross right? Gasping for every breath, because suffocation was how you would die on a cross. He has used one of those gasped for breaths to say, "Father forgive them". Dude - what love! As He chose His time to die, He said, "It is finished". 

They came and speared Him in His side. The Bible says that blood and water flowed out. Do you know the only way that can happen? It is when your heart "explodes". Yet a crucifixion death was by suffocation. What broke His heart? 

As I heard this morning, it was because of my sin! The Bible tells us that Jesus "became sin for us". That means at that point, He became the sin of the Hitlers, Saddam Hussians, Uncle Pauls and all the rest of us who have sinned. When that happened, God could not look on His Son because He cannot look on sin so He turned away. 

Here is the perfect Son of God, separated for the first time in history from His father. The grief was so agonizing, the pressure so great, and the sin was so overwhelming that His heart was physically broken. 

Take a few to reflect on just how much Jesus loves you. So much that He would go through all this for YOU! Yeah, it was for you! If you know Him personally, thank Him - for, and with the rest of your life. If you don't know Him, whatcha waiting on? Did Satan ever do anything like that for you? 

And btw, every time we sin, we break God's heart. Let's not do it to Him again this week.