Paul's E-pistle

Mommies Day and God's Heros   Sunday, May 11, 2003

Hope you wished your Mom a Happy Mommies Day! I did. It was easy for me since I have the bestest Mommie in the world!!!! I'm thankful for a Mom who loves Jesus and shows that love. I count her as one of God's heros. (My Dad's one too)! 

Another hero of God is one I heard of just this morning. Have you heard about the atheist who is trying to get "under God" erased from our Pledge of Allegiance? His daughter, who is the one the law suit is based on, is a Christian, (a third grader I think). I heard that she told her Mom, who is also a Christian that even if "under God" is taken out of the pledge, she would still say "under God" anyway. YOU GO GIRL! That's hero status in my book. 

How about you? Are you one of God's heros? If not, the job is still open and can be filled this week by YOU. Just love Him with all ya got and see what happens!