Paul's E-pistle

Two Dumb Ducks!   Sunday, May 25, 2003

I was driving to camp one day and saw two ducks swimming in a mud puddle. It caught my attention because one duck had his (or her) head under the water. It looked really cute. But it was kinda dumb though. You see, the Watauga River was just 100 feet to the right. It was clear, clean, and probably had some nice calm spots. These ducks traded in the refreshing Watauga for the muddy leftover rain. Bad choice. 

How many times do we trade in God's best for a "dip" in Satan's lies. Sure the dirt filled water offers some kind of refreshment and enjoyment, but look what we are passing up. And all to end up with mud on our nose, (or beak), wishing we had just stayed in Christ's presence. 

Let's "bathe" in Christ's best for us this week. Don't "waddle" in the mud of sin. Cause you know, that sin isn't all it's "quacked up" to be....hehehehehe....sorry....couldn't help myself! :)