Paul's E-pistle

358   Sunday, August 24, 2003

It was Saturday morning and we were all set to paint faces at our CBM booth at the fair. I suggested trying to keep a record of how many faces we painted that day. This is a task we have tried many times only to get too busy and fail. We managed to keep track this time and the three of us painted 358 faces! We were quite busy...and exhausted! 

The Israelites did some painting back in Egypt. God told them to kill a lamb and put it's blood over the door post of the house. When He came through that night to punish the Egyptians, He said He would pass over the houses of the Israelites where He saw the blood. 

Guess you could say Jesus is a great painter as well. He offered His blood on the cross and when we accept His payment, He "paints over" our sin. (Actually He forgives and removes it but hey...I had to keep with the painting theme ya know). And as painting changes the appearance of a surface, He changes our hearts and makes us a new creature. Jesus is awesome! 

Remember, if you know Christ, He has made you a new creature. Go and live it out!