Paul's E-pistle

Just A Swingin'   Sunday, January 18, 2004

As I was setting my Sunday School class up this morning, I noticed a poster on the wall. I really never noticed it before but now that I've looked at it, it's too cool. 

There is a little girl on a swing. If you follow the swing ropes up, you would usually expect to find them tied to a tree branch. I gazed up and found the ropes not tied to a tree at all. At the top was the hand of Jesus holding the ropes. The caption simply said, "Trust Jesus". 

Going through some difficulties right now? Trust Jesus! I know...easier said than done. But as I told some kids this week, Jesus is trustworthy. Even when it seems like He's on vacation on Mars. He's not...He's here...and He cares! 

The truth will set you free. The truth is that you can trust Jesus!