Paul's E-pistle

A Telemarketer Hates Me   Monday, January 05, 2004

"Hi, I'm from _____ and I was calling to let you know that we have a great deal for those in your area". As I heard the telemarketer on the other end I thought, "here we go again". But before he could even say what the fantastic deal was, something happened and my phone hung up on him. I didn't do it, my phone did. Of course I'm sure that's not what he was thinking. 

There are times when we think that God has "hung up" on us. It seems that He's nowhere to be found and we are just surviving on our own. Let me assure you - WAIT - let God's Word assure you that He's still there and He cares so much for you. He says, "I will NEVER leave you". If we know Him as Savior, we are His kids and He'll never let us go. 

The man on the other end of the phone feels I'm a rude person. That's because he is believing a lie that I hung up on him. Don't believe Satan's lie that God will "hang up" on us. He's always there!