Paul's E-pistle

Presto Chango   Sunday, October 10, 2004

I spent all last week deciding on and then changing my email address. Many of you have already received the notice of the change. I've changed my electronic identity. I am no more known by the old email addy, but the new. 

When we become Christians, we receive a new identity! How refreshing to know that the old is gone and the new has come! We used to have a sin nature - zap! - and now we have a brand new nature bent toward loving Jesus. We used to be unacceptable to Christ. Now, His arms open wide and we are accepted by the Creator. The Bible says we even have a new mind - the mind of Christ. 

This week, if you know Christ, enjoy the truth that you are a new creature in Him. If you don't know Him, shoot me an email (at my new addy) and let's chat. I'd love to introduce you to Him.