Paul's E-pistle

Which Way To Go   Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I just bought a "toy" I've wanted to have for a long time. Yeah, I can justify it by saying I can "use" it, (which I will), but if I was honest - it's mostly a fun toy! :) 

I just bought a gps, (global positioning system). It's a little device that tracks several satellites and tells you where you are according to the reading it gets. It has a map on it and lets you know where you are on the map. Cool stuff. 

God's word is a Christian's gps. In fact, we could call it the gps - Godly Positioning System. It tells us where we are spiritually, lets us know where we should be, and just how to get to that point in our life. 

My gps takes batteries. I bought some rechargeable dudes and they work fine. But with our walk with Christ, we need to "plug in" to the never ending power source of Him. 

Take a reading. Ask God where you are in your friendship with Him. Use your Godly Positioning System!