Paul's E-pistle

Waskally Wabbit   Sunday, October 31, 2004

Back in August, I bought a dwarf rabbit at the fair. I have wanted one for about a year but it was still one of those "impulse deals". I brought her home and, not having any experience in raising one of these furry critters, really didn't know what to do. 

I bought Scooter, (her name), a plastic litter pan and a plastic food holder. My plan was to let her run the house and have a cage for her to go into when she wanted to. 

I soon found out that this plan wouldn't work. Someone told me at the fair that she wouldn't chew things. They lied! :) She chews everything in sight. 

When I discovered her bent toward chewing, I confined her to her cage. About three weeks ago, she demolished her food tray. Yesterday, she finally broke through her litter box and when I came home from church, she was working on a nice size whole therein. 

Because of her overactive teeth, she has ended up banished to her cage, with a cold, steel food tray (her second one - the first one she kept tipping over), and a metal roasting pan for a potty. 

Scooter's actions led to a life far less than the "abundant life" she was meant to enjoy. She still doesn't realize that her actions cause her to forfeit the joy she could have - (she is still led by her choppers when I let her out to clean). 

Many times in our walk with Jesus, He has to put the brakes on the life He so longs to give us because of our disobedience. Just as I would love to have Scooter roam the house freely, Jesus longs to give us an abundant life. It's free if we would only accept His ways. 

Take a lesson from my waskally wabbit. Your Heavenly Father desires to give you an abundant life, (John 10:10). Don't mess up His plans!