Paul's E-pistle

Clyde The Reindeer   Sunday, December 19, 2004

Who is Clyde you ask?  I was in a Christmas parade with my car all decorated in  festive holiday decor.  On top was a stuffed 3 ft. reindeer.  I told my helper that we had to name it because we couldn't keep calling it "the reindeer".  She said, "we'll call him Clyde.

We carefully anchored Clyde to a board on top of the car.  I suggested we take a test run so as not to loose him during the parade.  I hopped in the car and took a spin around the parking lot.  With one more turn to go, Clyde, the board, and the speakers came crashing down.  I had anchored Clyde to the board but seems like I forgot to anchor the board down.  Silly me!

What's your Christmas anchored on?  For many, it's a false anchor of gifts, decorations, cookies, and all that goes with it.  (I hope no one is anchored in Fruit Cake)!  You certainly could have an enjoyable Christmas with those things, but that's not what Christmas is based on.

It's about Jesus.  Jesus, came to this earth, became one of His creation, and died on a cross to pay for your sin.  That's the true anchor of Christmas.  If you miss that Christmas anchor, you might enjoy Christmas, but your life will come crashing down. 

Have you accepted Jesus' gift of forgiveness?  If not, He offers it to you right now.  If so, this Christmas, don't forget what it's all about.  The anchor of Jesus!