Paul's E-pistle

Giving All   Sunday, December 05, 2004

I heard a story today of a young man who came to the United States from another country.  This man became a citizen of a foreign country (to him).  He also entered the military, and thus was sent to Iraq. 

Recently, the young man was on a mission with some others.  They entered a small room and as they came in, a hand grenade was thrown at them.  The man caught it, pulled it to himself, fell on it and lost his life - saving many around him.

I heard a story many years ago about someone else leaving His country to come to a foreign land.  He became a citizen of this world by being born as one of His creation.  Later in His life, He entered a dangerous situation.  He saw the danger, he "embraced" it, fell on the cross and lost His life - saving many who would follow.

I don't know the name of the first man.  Certainly a hero in my book.  I do know the name of the second.  And Jesus is my hero!

Jesus conquered death by rising again.  And His desire this Christmas is for you to accept His gift of eternal life.  "Whoever has the Son, has life".  Have you accepted Him?