Paul's E-pistle

It's a Grown Up Game!   Sunday, February 29, 2004

I was sitting in a waiting room and there were three kids in there. Two of them (approximately 9 and 5 yrs. old), were playing the board game Clue. A third child, a toddler, kept coming over to the game and the 5 yr old kept saying, "no, this is a grown up game" - as if she was all grown up! :) 

I guess in her point of view, she was grown up. And who she believed she was affected her actions. The same with our walk with Jesus. Who we believe we are will affect how we live. If you know Christ, the Bible calls you a saint! 63 times in the New Testament, God calls Christians saints. If you believe you are a sinner, you'll act like one. If you truly believe the truth that God has made you a saint, your actions will change and match what God says. 

Don't believe Satan's lies! Believe the truth and then let that truth set you free! 

Know Jesus? Then go out and live the truth. Be the saint God says you are. And let's make a difference in someone's life!