Paul's E-pistle

 Ocean Floor   Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Israelites wandered in a wilderness for 40 years. Dude...long time! 

It was because they refused to trust God and therefore disobeyed Him. 

But during their 40 year punishment, God supplied each need, their shoes 

never wore out, and God cared for them. 

Remember Moses? Because of his disobedience, he wasn't allowed to enter 

the promised land. He was allowed to see it but then died. So check 

this out!!! After death, where did he go? To be absent from the body is 

to be present with the Lord. He was with Jesus! Better than the 

promised land???? - YOU BET! 

Even through punishment of sin after sin, God loved the Israelites and 

cared for them. Moses didn't get to enter the promised land but went to 

a far better place than that land could ever offer. 

The point? We've sinned too. But if we know Christ as savior, God can 

even take our stupidity of disobedience and turn it around to bless us. 

That's not an excuse to sin, but rather a promise of God's unfailing love 

to us. That thought should push us to obedience! 

Worried about past sin? Is guilt of disobedience hurting your 

relationship with Jesus? Know the truth that you have been forgiven! 

It's past. It's paid for. And though there may be some lasting scars 

from your sin, God loves to turn the tables on Satan and say, "I still 

love them". 

Micah 7:19 says, "And compassion is on it's way to us. You'll stamp out 

our wrongdoing. You'll sink our sins to the bottom of the ocean" (MSG) 

They're all behind you 

They'll never find you 

They're there on the ocean floor 

You're sins are erased 

And they are no more 

They're there on the ocean floor 

Your sins are forgotten 

They're there on the bottom 

Of the ocean floor 

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and click "ocean floor") 

May you have a wonderful week of enjoying God's forgiveness!