Paul's E-pistle

Checkerd Flag   Sunday, March 28, 2004

Thousands came to Bristol today for the Food City 500. They came for the purpose of watching a bunch of cars going around in circles. Personally, I hate traffic so I probably wouldn't want to watch others be stuck in a very fast moving traffic jam, trying to pass each other. (Just kidding...hope all the race fans had a great time)! All to be the one to receive the checkerd flag and be the winner! 

I came to Bristol, (and surrounding areas) 17 years ago. I came with a purpose too. That purpose was to share my best friend Jesus! 

Tomorrow, you will go to school, work, or wherever. Do you have a purpose for tomorrow? How 'bout sharing Jesus with someone? The need is great. 

Don't waste your life just going "around in circles". Have a purpose. Make that purpose to love Jesus and share Him and His love with those around you...and come out of this life a winner!