Paul's E-pistle

Wanna Talk?    Sunday, April 25, 2004

Last week I had the privilege to go to a Third Day concert. Had a great time. Oh, somehow I ended up back stage during the concert. There I was, off to the side of the stage they were on, enjoying Third Day. It was really cool. 

As I was back there, I was thinking what would happen if Mac Powell, (lead singer), offered to spend one hour after the concert just chatting with one person in the audience. I wonder how many excited hands would go up for the chance. What would you do for a once in a lifetime shot at that! And then I thought...

How many would raise their hand yelling, "pick me" if Jesus made the same offer? What would you do for a shot like that! Jesus offers just that! 

How many of us spend just five minutes of our day chatting with God? He offers constant and permanent companionship. How much time have you spent with Him today? 

Chillin' with the "Mac Man" would rock. Back stage, I got to give Toby Mac a high five! But Jesus offers us a moment by moment relationship. Mac and Toby may give you a song, but Jesus gave His life. Do we love Him enough to "abide" in Him?