Paul's E-pistle

What Would You Do For Love???   Sunday, May 02, 2004

I've been praying for a young lady named Cheyenne. She is a twelve yr. old with a brainstem tumor. The Dr.s have been treating her and she seems to be doing well right now, although nausea is a problem. (You can pray for her and keep up with her updates at 

One day as her and her family were in a hospital visiting someone else, they got the munchies. Her father took the food order and was off to the burrito place - she loves them! Cheyenne insisted on getting two, even though her father didn't think she could eat two. 

It was time to eat and sure enough, about 3/4 into the first burrito, Cheyenne made a quick trip to the rest room thanks to the nausea. (You can fill what happened). After returning, she wanted to know where the rest of her burrito was. She then told her father the reason she ordered two - because she wanted one to eat after she got sick. That my friend is burrito love! When you love something like that, you will go to great lengths, and even plan ahead to act on that love. 

What about our love for Christ? What do we do to insure that we are with Him, abiding in Him, and loving on Him? As with our burrito story, if you love Jesus, you will go to great lengths to act on that love and protect it. 

The Bible tells us to guard our heart. Satan will try and put other things in our lives to steal our love from Christ. Don't let it happen. Cheyenne didn't let a little nausea get in the way of her love for Mexican food. Don't let ANYTHING get in the way of your love for the one who loves you most - JESUS!