Paul's E-pistle

Sticky Stuff   Sunday, May 09, 2004

Got some little flying critters buzzing around my house lately. So tonight, I went to the store and got some of those sticky paper deals that you hang from the ceiling. Now, as I type this, I'm sitting here waiting for the little dudes to come and explore it. When they do, zappo! Gott'em! They are stuck - for good! 

Sin will tempt us, play with us, lie to us, and look real good to us. But it is even more dangerous than the insect sticky stuff. We think, "ah, just a little won't hurt". We sin and Satan springs his trap. 

Simple warning this week...stay away from sin. It's a trap that will hurt you. Don't buy into Satan's lies. The fun won't last!!! 

Well, since I started typing, four little flying things have been caught in my trap and are headed to certain disaster. My prayer is that you won't be as easily deceived with Satan's traps. Stay close to Christ!!!