Paul's E-pistle

Back To Normal   Monday, September 13, 2004

After a bit of confusion, lost info, and various other problems, the website is back up, running, and back to normal. Sorry for all the delays, etc. But we're back to normal now. 

But what is "back to normal" for a Christian? A normal Christian life should be of an extraordinary nature. Our "normal" walk with Christ should be an awesome experience where, no matter what happens, we end up praising Him. To do that, you need to have a "normal" moment by moment contact with Jesus. 

Doesn't mean you have to bow your head and pray 24/7. But as we go through our day, we should be always chatting with God about everything. 

I've often thought that perhaps God brings trials into our lives so He will at least hear from us sometime. Why not "pray without stopping" as Scripture says. After all, it's a friendship thing that God wants from us.