Paul's E-pistle

A Wet Wascally Wabbit   Sunday, January 23, 2005

I have a pet bunny named Scooter.  She's a cute little dwarf rabbit.  Easy pet to take care of too...except for the other day.

When I first got her, I bought a huge water bottle for the convience of not filling the water every day.  The other day however, it didn't seal and had a slow leak.  A leak which I didn't catch.  Since I didn't catch it, her litter pan, her cage, and herself "caught it".  It was one royal mess.

Clean up time came and there were times when I about got sick completingl the task.  However, I stuck to it and I now have a "high and dry" hare.

Scooter had a problem.  Part caused by her circumstance and part her fault.  (It was her fault for kicking her litter out of her litter pan along with other "things").  She was helpless to clean up or solve her problem.  She needed help from the outside.

Every human on this earth has a problem.  It's a royal mess called "sin".  Part caused by our circumstance, (born in sin), and part is our fault, (choosing to sin).  And just like Scooter, we are helpless to fix it.  We needed help from the outside.

Jesus said, "I'll go and clean up the mess".  He did that by dying on the cross and  taking the punishment for our sin mess.

Scooter had a choice (of sorts).  I opened the cage and wanted her to come out on her own.  She hesitated for about a minute and finally came out.  We have a choice.  We can accept Jesus' payment for our sin by trusting Him to do so, or we can say "no thanks" and be in our mess for eternity. 

Have you allowed Jesus to clean your mess of sin?