Paul's E-pistle

Resolutions...How's it Going?   Sunday, January 09, 2005

A week and a day ago it was New Years.  A time where people make resolutions to change things in their life.  Did you make any?  If so, how ya doing?  :)  (Mess up yet)?

Did you know that spiritual resolutions aren't Jesus' thing?  Really!  Sure, we have rules and regs to follow but there's a secret to keeping them.  Wanna know?

It's LOVE!

That's right.  If you want to live for Christ, do the things God wants and stay away from His "no's", you shouldn't focus on the rule itself.  When you do, you set yourself up for a failure.

Our focus needs to be on loving Jesus.  We need to focus on the relationship and not the resolutions and rules.  The Bible says that "the strength of sin is the law".  In other words, focus on the rules, and you strengthen the temptation to break them.

If you love someone, you will do as they say.  If we love Jesus, we will follow His rules. 

Some people asked Jesus what the greatest commandment (rule) was.  He said, "Love the Lord with all your heart".  Just love Jesus.

Love is a choice.  Will you choose to love Him this week?