Paul's E-pistle

It's Been A While   Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hey, I know it's been quite a while since the last e-pistle.  Sorry (again).  I've been so busy with camp stuff, my stuff, and a lot of other stuff that the web stuff took a back seat.

Ever have to say "sorry again" to God?  Ever have to say, "God, here I am and I did it again"?  As a tribute to God's grace and an encouragement to all of us, He is in the forgiving business.

Maybe you are reading this right now feeling guilty of sin you have committed.  Let me encourage you that Jesus died for that very sin.  He paid for it.  His heart's desire is to hear you come back to Him and get right back on track.

I'm gonna try and get back on the weekly track for this email.  Why don't all of us get back on track with our moment by moment walk with God.  He's standing right there on the "walk path" where you left Him, just waiting for your return...'cause He's crazy about you!