Paul's E-pistle

There's a Beautiful Earth Out Tonight   Sunday, October 16, 2005

My mind goes back to a Bugs Bunny cartoon where he ends up on Mars and, standing with Marvin the Martian gazing at the earth, he says, "there's a beautiful earth out tonight".  :)

That was my thought as I drove up the camp driveway this evening and looked at the moon.  It was bright, big, and beautiful.  And then I was reminded that the moon has no light of it's own.  It's only a reflection of the sun.

What are people going to say about your life this week?  Will they see a beautiful reflection of the SON (Jesus)?  That is how we are supposed to live.  We live to reflect Jesus Christ.  You know, not shine our own light but His.

So what will people think about you this week?  You will make the decision.  You will either reflect yourself or reflect Jesus.  Let's reflect HIM!