Paul's E-pistle

Scooping Away The Good Stuff   Monday, November 14, 2005

My rabbit is at it again.  Now she takes her paws, goes to the feed dish, and scoops out the food, causing it to fall through the mesh floor of the cage.  By doing this, she can't eat it.  She just doesn't get it.

Many times we as Christians do the same thing.  God gives us good things but we deny it and try to get better.  God allows us to attend church to worship with others.  We say, "I'll pass on that".  God gives us a love letter to read.  We watch tv instead.  God gives us the privilege to talk with Him.  We would rather catch some z's.  We "scoop away" the good and we miss out.

Re-evaluate your life.  Take a close look.  Are you "feasting" on the good stuff from God or are you throwing it away.