Paul's E-pistle

Believing Lies (AKA...Death of a Drunk Bird)   Sunday, February 13, 2005

The other day I was watching the news and could hardly believe the

story they had.  Somewhere in the Carolinas, there was a flock of

birds which kept flying into a building's windows and dying.

Through some investigation, they found the reason.  The birds were

eating some berries which, at this time of year, had an intoxicating

effect on them.  They then proceeded to fly DUI, (or is that FUI -

Flying Under the Influence), smack into the windows bringing about

their death.  The birds believed a lie that the berries were good.

Knowing the truth would have saved their lives.

Satan's most powerful weapon against the Christian is lying.  He will

plant lies in our minds.  One such lie is that God doesn't love you.

Or at least God doesn't love you as much as He would if you'd serve

Him better.  LIE!  There is nothing you can do to make God love you

any more or any less.  He loves you totally and completely!

Why is this important?  If we believe that God doesn't love us, it

defeats our efforts to serve Him.  Who wants to live for someone that

doesn't love them?

Who are we in Christ?  WE ARE LOVED!  Don't believe the lies of Satan.

Realize that God loves you and allow that truth to set you free to

serve Him!