Paul's E-pistle

I'll Have That To Go   Monday, April 25, 2005

Went through a drive through today with an ice cream cone in mind.  I ordered, paid and pulled up to the pick up window.  In flavor of the way things were going for me today, the server asked me if they could put it in a cup since it was too runny (is that a word) for a cone.  I said sure.

Much to my surprise my cup of ice cream was handed to me - with the cone upside down on the top of it all.  (Like I really wanted the cone then).  A simple cup of cold stuff would have been fine.  But they had to follow through with the rule of giving me the cone I guess.  It was pretty funny.

My friend once asked this same establishment for an ice cream float one time.  They said they didn't have them.  He said, "you sell soda and ice cream - just put it all together".  They refused, again, following the letter of the law.  (He got ice cream, a soda, and an empty cup and...made it himself).

The law.  Sure it's good.  It's right.  "The Law" is even God's word.  But becoming a Christian frees you from the law.  We are now under grace.  But many Christians are still under the "cone and float" rule.

Our focus should be on loving Jesus - not serving Him.  Before you raise your eyebrows too much at that statement, think about it.  If you love Jesus, you'll end up following Him, along with His rules and laws.  If you focus on just the law, you either mess up or you're miserable trying to measure up.

It's the ole Martha / Mary deal.  Mary sat at Jesus feet while Martha worked herself to death trying to serve.  Martha was busy "doing".  Mary was focusing on loving.  Martha was serving but wouldn't have even known what Jesus wanted because she was just too busy.

Love on Jesus this week.  If you love Him, you'll end up serving Him!  And be careful what you order in the drive through.  :)