Paul's E-pistle

Gonna Have To Get That One Of These Days   Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ever since, and I do mean ever since, I started doing my own oil changes, I've had this thought.  "I need to get an oil filter wrench just in case I can't get one off one of these days".  Yup...I've had that thought for a long time.  Should have done it too cause Saturday, I had the oil drained and low and behold - I couldn't get the filter off.  Since the car was now incapacitated for lack of the "Texas tea", I had to "hoof it" over to the auto parts store for the wrench.  Fortunately it was only about 3 blocks up the road.  Moral of the story is I should have been prepared.

Being prepared is a good thing for oil changing but it is absolutely essential for eternal stuff.  Step one is knowing for sure you are prepared to go to Heaven.  Scripture says you can KNOW you have eternal life by trusting Jesus to forgive your sin because He paid for it by dying on the cross and rising again from the dead.  (They ain't no walking 3 blocks for missing out on that one).

Christians are to be prepared to share the hope we have in Christ.  Be ready to share and then, of course, share!

I successfully changed oil after my morning walk.  From now on, I'm ready!  Are you prepared when it comes to eternal things?