Paul's E-pistle

That Might Leave A MarkSunday, September 10, 2006

In giving a lesson, I took a rat trap, set it, and called up a student.  After applying a blindfold, I told them to trust me and they wouldn't get hurt.  I also told them that the set trap was in my hand and to do exactly what I said.  The instructions followed:  "slowly lower your hand onto my hand".  As he did, nothing happened.  He then took the blindfold off and the trap was in my hand, but it was in the other one.

Trust is a hard thing to do, especially trusting God.  Not sure why it's so hard but it is.  Guess it wouldn't be trust if it was easy.  But God is trustworthy, even when it looks like He isn't. 

It's almost like repelling.  You trust the ropes, equipment, and instructor, but you're still trembling.  You don't really relax and trust until it's over.  Kind of like the dude in Scripture who said, "Lord, I believe, help my unbelief". 

Just wanna encourage you to trust God this week.  He's just waiting for you too!