Paul's E-pistle

 Sparks and TNT  Sunday, October 02, 2011

Unless you are familiar with the Awana Clubs, you probably think I'm going to talk about an explosion. As a matter of fact...why not. God "exploded" into our earth in the form of Jesus Christ, lived a perfect life and then died on a cross to pay for our sins. If you trust Him, He "explodes" into our life and destroys all your sin, leaving you clean and not condemned. I "exploded" into the Awana club tonight, meeting first with the TNT's and later, the Sparks to share with them this wonderful news. We saw about 5 "explode" into a new life as a child of God. Now you can "explode" into your school, job, neighborhood or whever tomorrow with this same awesome news. You've got dynamite in your hand known as the Gospel. Be the "light" that God wants you to be and ignite someone with the good news so they can know the "power" of God in their lives as well. May your week be filled the the explosive love of Christ and may you explode with love for Him!