Paul's E-pistle

 Super Size That Message  Sunday, November 13, 2011

After church I had the urge to head over to the "golden arches" for some lunch. I had a lot to do and didn't want to mess with cooking. As I pulled up to the pay window the cashier noticed my "Illusions of Truth" sign on my car and asked about it. I told him it was a Gospel magic ministry where I did magic tricks and told people about Jesus. He asked if I had any tricks so I quickly got a quarter and made it disappear...along with a quick message that Jesus can make our sins disappear when we trust Him. As I was driving back, munching on my value meal #2, I thought maybe God put it in my heart to head to Micky D's so that that guy could hear how to be saved. I want my life to be one of being led by God in all I do. I prayed this morning that God would use me. Never thought it would be at the drive through window though. This week, ask God to use you. It may surprise you where He will send you and what He accomplishes for you. Be a super sized witness for Jesus!