Paul's E-pistle


It's Just a Small Piece  Sunday, December 11, 2011
Today I shared a Christmas magic show at my church. We had a great time and God did some awesome things. In my packing up I discovered I was missing a piece of a trick. It wasn't much, just a piece of plastic. But the trick wouldn't work if I didn't have it. Fortunately, it was found and the show can go on! Just like the little plastic piece made the trick inoperable, there is one thing that makes our walk with Christ pretty much worthless. You can go through all the rituals, prayers, church services, Bible devo's, and, well, you name it but without this you might as well throw in the towel. What is it? Just a four letter word called LOVE. Without loving Jesus Christ, all the doing of the do's and the not doing of the do not's won't amount to a hill of beans. A walk with Christ is a relationship, not a bunch of rules. As we hit the Christmas season head on, let's love Jesus. How does that happen? We remember how much He loves us. Reflect on the Christmas story this week. Read Luke 2 and see just how much this Savior loves you. And then...Just Love Jesus!