Paul's E-pistle


Nice Flavor  Monday, July 18, 2011
For those who think I don't cook, may this prove them wrong. Threw a roast on before church this morning and added some fresh green beans. I just threw them in the pot with the roast hoping that it would flavor them. The result...really good green beans! It was quite tasty. The meat and seasonings, (salt and pepper), flavored the beans and it made them really good. The seasoning made the difference. The Bible says that Christians are the "salt of the earth". We are supposed to make a difference in this world because we know the Savior. What difference are you making? The only way that will happen is by spending moment by moment with Jesus, in your walk with Him. When you do that, you will reflect Him and others will see. Perhaps they will notice so much that they will ask and you can lead them to Christ. Go out and be "salt" this week. Share Jesus through your actions and words. And if you happen to be cooking a roast, might I suggest some fresh green beans!