Paul's E-pistle

 LGHS  Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's it stand for? Could be... "Living Good Having Sushi" or "Let Go of Hot Stuff" but neither of those was what I had in mind. Actually got the phrase from a song a while back. "Love God - Hate Sin" Is that what your life is about? So many people who call themselves Christian say they love God with all their heart yet have no problem with sin. That doesn't add up. Sin is sin whether it's big or little (to you). It all cost Jesus His life on a cross. The small, seemingly insignificant swear words in a movie. The immoral content of a song. The ever popular phrase that just about everyone says, "Oh my God". Do these things bother you? Do they matter to you? Do these things hurt you enough to flip a switch and turn it off when you hear them? It breaks our Lord's heart. It should break ours as well. Let's focus this week on loving God, but focus just as much on hating sin. Jesus does. We should too.