Paul's E-pistle


Christian, Not Cool  Sunday, August 21, 2011
You might say I'm in the business of Christian entertainment. My goal is to see each camper that comes to our camp have the time of their lives. When I perform Gospel magic, I desire all who watch to be amazed and astounded, experiencing a wonderful evening. Even my radio devotionals are meant to be uplifting and encouraging and, well, FUN! However... Is being a Christian the cool thing to do? Not always. Is having faith in Christ and walking with Him always "pull out all the stops" fun? Nope. Sometimes, in fact many times it's down right difficult. God doesn't promise a problem free life. If you are a follower of Jesus, a true follower, there will be many times you must be the odd one. There will be times you will be made fun of. There will be times of persecution. Are you up to the challenge? Daniel ended up in a lions den, not much fun there. Peter was apparently crucified upside down which was no day at the park. And just 12 short years ago, my hero, Cassie Bernall said that she believed in God, resulting in a fatal gun shot wound in her school library. And now, August 21, 2011, you and I are faced with the same choice. Will we live for our Lord? Will you risk it all to say, and mean it, "Jesus, I love you"? (Check out Cassie's story at