Paul's E-pistle

 Let's Huddle  Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ok, so I'm not the world's greatest sports fan but I do know what a huddle is. And in the short time that the football season has begun, there have been thousands of huddles across our nation. The team gathers around, go over the game plan, and set out to accomplish it. The school season has begun, (or will in a few short days). Let's huddle team. Let's set out to make the 2011 - 1212 school year one in which God will use us to reach those He brings into our lives. Pray: Talk to God ALWAYS. Pray without ceasing. Spend time with your Creator. What a privilege to talk with Him. Huddle with Him for your game plan for the day. Attend: Go to church. Go as often as you can. Huddle with others who love Christ. It will strengthen you and you will strengthen them. Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together as God put it. Don't miss out on the joy you can have. Read: Got a Bible? Read it. Not that you have to but that you get to. God has written a love letter to you...check it out! Awesome stuff within! Tell: Share your faith with others. Yes, live your Christian witness but open your mouth and share the good news with them. Hey, aren't you glad someone shared with you? Ok team. Let's get out there and win one for Jesus!